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Battlefield 4 Pc Download: is an action, battlefield, shooting and War Field Game. Ea Games developed and published Battlefield 4 Torrent. It is a direct sequel to earlier game Battlefield 3 game in Battlefield Games Series. In addition this battlefield game features both single player and multiplayer gameplay modes.

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Download Batttlefield 4

Battlefield IV Free Download Release Date

The game first announced at University Of Southern California by Frank Gibeau who said ” There will be a Battlefield IV”. The game developed by using Frosbite Engine III. Battlefield 4 Pc Game Download Free release date is 29 October 2013. It is released as BF 4 Pc for Microsoft Windows, BF 4 PlayStation 3 and Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 versions. While Battlefield 4 Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version released in November.

Battlefield IV Free Download Pc Gameplay

Battlefield 4 Free Full Game Highly Compressed For Pc is an action, shooting and battlefield fighting video game. It is played from the first person perspective. HUD composed of two compact rectangles included in BF 4 Pc Game. A mini map is shown on lower left hand corner. Compact ammo counter and health meter is shown on the lower right corner. Full customization support available for either primary, secondary or melee weapons.

In BF 4 Pc windows version top left corner features a windows of chat in multiplayer mode. The mini map indicates three kind of entities. Blue indicates allies, green shows squad mates and orange indicates the enemies. Meanwhile players also can swim under water to avoid the enemy sight to reach safely to the desired location. Some other elements included in Battlefield 4 Pc Download Free Full Version Game are as under.

Battlefield 4 Highly Compressed Free Full Pc Game Features
  • New and advanced weapons with full customization and attachments with camouflage
  • Different firing modes for different weapons.
  • Bullet dropping system to play medium to long distance combats.
  • Swimming, diving underwater to detect by the enemy
  • Free use of vehicles and boats or tanks
  • Collectible weapons and collectible dog tags to use in multiplayer gameplay mode.

Battlefield IV Pc Game Reception

Battlefield 4 Game Download Full Full Version Torrent Highly Compressed generally received positive reviews from the critics. Metacritic awarded the game BF 4 Pc Torrent 81/00, PS3 80/100, PS4 85/100, Xbox 360 79/100 and Xbox One version 81/100 points. GameSpot awarded Battlefield 4 Pc Torrent Download with 8/10. While IGN gave BF 4 Pc Torrent Game Download 8.5/10 points.

In United Kingdom Battlefield 4 Free Download Full Version Game in its first week of release become the second best selling game for all formats. Battlefield 4 Pc Download also become the second best selling game in United States in November. Till May 2014 Battlefield 4 Free Pc Game Download sold a total of 7 million copies world wide.

Battlefield 4 Download Free  received over 30 Gaming Publications awards. It also win 18th Satellite Awards and GamesRadar.

Battlefield IV Pc Game System Requirements
  • OS                      Windows Vista, Windows Xp or latest
  • CPU                  Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GHz, AMD Athlon X2 @ 2.8 GHz or Above
  • RAM                4 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Disk     30 GB Free Hard Disk Space Needed
  • Graphics        AMD Radeon HD-3870 @ 512 MB, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or above

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