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Counter Strike Global Offensive Free Download Pc is a war field combat and shooting game. Hidden Path Games and Valve Corporation developed the game.  It is also a part of Counter Strike game series and the fourth main installment in the series. Furthermore, both single and multiplayer gameplay modes included to play this game.

Download Counter Strike Global Offensive For Pc

Counter Strike Global Offensive Pc Game Release Date

Game development began in March 2010. The game released on 21 August 2012 worldwide. Valve Corporation published the game. It released as Counter Strike Global Offensive for Pc Microsoft Windows, Linux version and macOS version. It also released for Play Station 3 version, Xbox one version and Xbox 360 version.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Pc Gameplay

It is a combat, survival, shooting  game. The plot of game covers a place where terrorists and special rescue forces fighting against each other to obtain their goals. Terrorist became successful to steal confidential secret files related to country defense. They also kidnapped some of the dominated persons. Rescue force taking part to get back the documents. And their task also include to release the hostage from danger zones.

The players used heavy guns, sniper riffles, smoke bombs and many other unique verity of weapons. After capturing a wide portion of battle fields, players gained treasure boxes containing cash rewards. These rewards spent to upgrade the lethal weapons, buying new ammunition to use in battle fields. Smoke bombs consisted of time based grenades used to spread illusion and to engage the enemies in wrong ways.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Pc Gameplay On Youtube

The game consisted at different type of eight gaming modes. However, In casual mode where small danger zone placed to increase the fight experience of the players and it seems that designed for practice. Death mach mode similar about to casual mode. Arms Races and Weapons Courses contained at same possibilities. Because the players carrying the task to clear and destroy the enemy positions. And also collecting the the game rewards to upgrade their weapons. Competitive mode contained rough and tough battle fields where every round length goes up to fifty minutes. The players carrying the task to defuse the anti human bombs. And mine to clear the walkthrough and to prevent the companions from any kind of threads placed on the way.

Meanwhile the players found many collectibles and bonuses during their campaigns. Players collect them and used for many upgrades to attack more powerfully on the enemies. These collectibles are spread on different locations of the maps.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Full Version Features
  • Team based military operations supported
  • New and unique weapons as like smoke grenades and sniper riffles added
  • Nine different kind of gaming mode included, Death Match, Causal, Competitive, weapon course, danger zone, Flying Scoutman, Arms races, Wingman and demolition.
  • unlocking new upgraded weapons available through spending in game rewards

Counter Strike Global Offensive Download Free Pc Reception

The game generally received positive reviews from the critics. Meanwhile, Metacritic awarded the game pc version with 83/100, Xbox version with 80/100 and PlayStation 4 version with 80/100 points. On the other hand, The game also nominated for many game awards at different gaming publications. It won IGN award of “Best Spectator Game Award” in 2017.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Pc System Requirements
  • OS                       Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista
  • CPU                    Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Phenom X3-8750 or Above
  • RAM                   2 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk       10 GB Free Hard Disk Space
  • Graphics          DirectX 9 compatible Graphics Card @ 256 MB VRAM

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