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Great Old One Arrival Free Download: is an action, adventure and fighting game featuring role playing gameplay elements. Mahjong Knight developed and published the game worldwide. It features single player gameplay mode. Mainly the game is based on crawling, exploration and fighting with the deadly dangerous enemies. As the heroic character you have to fight your way by swing the swords and finish your hurdles like enemies or dragons.

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Great Old One Arrival Pc Download Release Date

Great Old One Arrival Pc Game released worldwide on 3 December 2018 by Mahjong Knight. Meanwhile, The game is released for Microsoft windows and Mac OS. Later the developers also introduced new content to the game in later updated packs. These includes new enemies classes, monsters, creatures and new locations also added in the maps.

Great Old One Arrival Game Download Pc Gameplay

Mahjong Knight developed and published  Great Old One Arrival Highly Compressed and their main focus was to provide the battle gameplay elements to the players. It is an action, adventure and fighting and role playing video game. The game tells the story of the last guardian to save the world after the arrival of great old one. Guardian must strong enough to defeat the Great Old one in this crisis. Meanwhile, Player can use different characteristics and attributes of many advanced weapons against a more powerful and advanced enemy. On the other hand, Player also have a Dragon pet. Strengthen the Dragon pet and it will assist you during the fight against the enemy.

Many rewards and elements found during the game at different places. The player get the Magic Cards during many battles with the dangerous enemies. These magic cards are helpful in upgrades like weapons and other useful elements to fight. The player can combine cards, and create the most unique and useful fighting style.

Some New Features Added In Great Old One Arrival Pc Game
  • High Resolution Textures
  • Awesome Visuals
  • Amazing action, adventure and role playing elements
  • Careful and superb combat skills
  • Character and weapon customization allow the fights to fight in a more efficient way.
  • More powerful and deadly dangerous enemy attacks to create big damage.
  • New and improved collectible, rewards and other game elements.

Great Old One Arrival Game Download Pc Reception

Generally, it received positive reviews from the critics. Meanwhile, on steam it got 8/10 points. On the other hand, it awarded 85/100 points from Metacritic. However, IGN awarded the game with 8.5/10 points. Furthermore, the game also nominated for many game awards but unfortunately yet not won any of the awards.

Great Old One Arrival Pc System Requirements

  • OS                        Windows 7, Windows-8, Windows-10
  • CPU                     Intel Core 2 Duo E-6320 or above
  • RAM                   2 GB RAM Required
  • Hard Space     6 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Graphics           GeForce 7600 @ 512MB or equivalent

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