What are Basic Types of Services Provided by the Military?

Military personnel serves their nation by providing various services. In the military, services assigned to a particular person based on their talent, abilities, exam score, and services. Many jobs available for civilian and provide training that translate a future civilian career.

In all military branches, services are divided into two main categories i.e. enlisted and officer. Enlisted members are employed in almost every type of military career and mostly active on duty in the military. While officers are generally employed in management roles or highly specialized officers like doctors, lawyers and chaplains and active almost 20 % active on duty.

There are many services provided by the military to the nation. So, below we give some of the very famous services provided by the Military.

Basic Types of Services Provided by Military

Full-Time Military Service:

Generally, services provided by on duty active officer known as full-time military service. Active Duty service members must duty 24/7, except when they are on leave or on time-off. These members serve in the Army, Air Forces, Navy, Marine Corps, and coast guard under the US Department of Defense.

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National Guard:

There are only two National Guard Service i.e. Army National Guard and the Air National Guard. Before some time ago the Navy, Marine Corps, and coast guard are part of this department. From now onwards they are not part of the National Guard. Just like reservists, National Guard members attend the basic training and military job under ADT.

They return home in one weekend per month. The National Guard must be active duty in the case of state emergencies like natural disasters to protect the people.

Weekend Military Service:

Reserve and National Guard’s members generally on the duty one weekend in a month and two weeks of training in a year. So, the average contact for these military guys is 6 years. If they want to be a member of Reserve or Guard member then they must spend another two years of their enlistment period performing the full-time active duty.

Active Guard:

Some members of the Reserve and National Guard work full-time like active-duty members and this service is known as Active Guard or AGR who provides daily operational support when required. For veterans’ benefits, one must be on AGR duty as a full-time active duty service.

So, if you want to join any specific department in the military as per their services, then you can refer to the above-mentioned services and for other details, you can check militarytimechart.xyz.

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